Recent pictures from the most recent eruption in Iceland are popping up everywhere. Photographer Thrainn Kolbeinsson has been camped on the Reykjanes Peninsula for the past few days, recording Iceland’s long-awaited Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption. The terrain of Geldingadalur, about 20 miles from Reykjavik, has been transformed into a scorching scene of molten lava after about 50,000 earthquakes and nearly 6,000 years after its last occurrence.

It has begun. After weeks of earthquakes and threats of an eruption, everything became relatively quiet for a few days. Then on Friday evening, 19th of March, at 8:45 pm the earth suddenly opened up and the night sky turned red. The Icelandic Coast Guard helicopters were the first on scene and it was hard to tell how big it was, only that it was moving fast.

The eruption happened just short of 10km (6 miles) from the nearest town.
The day after, I hiked to the site to document this unique event as closely as possible. Even though it might look terrifying, it was actually a beautiful experience watching the violent spits from the volcano quickly turn into smooth streams of glowing lava as new earth was being born. Every day the area has changed and at this pace, the whole valley will fill up in about 10-20 days. After that, it’s unclear how the process will unfold.


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