A beautiful high resolution captures of Ink on paper created by German photographer and filmmaker Roman De Giuli specialized in practical effects and experimental fluid art. The video under the name “SATELLIKE” is composed of long shots of watery ink in motion on several coats of half-dried paint. “Drying the paint leads to organic structures which can be brought to life again with water, ink and sour flow release mediums. The results look different from my usual approach, way more realistic and less otherworldly. I was excited about the aesthetics of the images and decided to do an individual piece. Although this is the final result, for now, it feels more like I’m at the very beginning.”

This project was initiated by a job I did for the National Palace Museum of Taipeh. The museum ran an exhibition on cultural treasures of the history of Taiwan in 2020. I was hired to create fluid and abstract interpretations of some iconic items, a collection of several drawings and artworks. I decided to develop my existing methods further, stepping away from stock paints and ink and creating most of the paints myself. One important aspect was to implement natural colors and realistic earth tones to the color palette and focus more on details than on a commercial look with punchy color and contrast. Over a period of 4 months, I experimented with natural substances like sand, stone powder, and historic pigments. Some of these supplies are rare and expensive, for example, jade and malachite powder.

A making off video of the set is also available as it can be interesting to learn about the process as well.


Born in São Miguel Island in the beautiful archipelago of Azores. Web Developer and Designer at Waka WebStudio. Consultant at Hunt Global. Connected with everything visual, in love with photography, design and nature.

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