For the ones who follow this blog for some time, you may be aware of my passion for liquid and particles in terms of digital art and design implementations. So nothing better to refresh your desktop background with this impressive artwork by the Slovenian art director and 3D artist Crtomir Just entitled “Intercellar” resulting from some errors in particle simulations

While accidentally trying to scrub through the timeline, the otherwise predictable simulation explodes and is forced to take strange turns by blindly filling the gap between missing frames. The calculation goes wrong and creates interesting anomalies, which end up being beautiful.

The download links for the wallpapers are available here:

Download Wallpapers – The Sand of Times
Download Wallpapers – Space Cowboys
Download Wallpapers – Coraline
Download Wallpapers – Funki Porcini
Download Wallpapers – The Stones Roses
Download Wallpapers – The Sting


Born in São Miguel Island in the beautiful archipelago of Azores. Web Developer and Designer at Waka WebStudio. Consultant at Hunt Global. Connected with everything visual, in love with photography, design and nature.

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