Back in 2017, there was this beautiful conceptual design of Taptop by the German design engineer Louis Berger. “The Taptop concept repositions the classic desktop PC from a box with outsourced hardware components into a device that is in the center of the user interaction. It fuses the cursor optimized desktop interface with a multi-touch bar, functioning as the Dock and Control Strip, allowing users to interact with the actual device, not just with peripherals. Taptop brings the familiar concept of having your Apps at your fingertips to the desktop.

Now I just imagined the new Mac Mini with Apple M1 based chips that are super fast and silent and it would really fit in a device like this now. The original Taptop version also included specific devices for the screen, keyboard, and touchpad, but only the base as a Mac Mini replacement would be amazing making the tiny computer not only a design element but also a functional one.


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