Mind-blowing sculptures by self-entitled art shaman Michael Benisty created in stainless steel featuring silhouettes in beautiful poses, some of them shot reflecting their environment giving an extra mystic and powerful feeling.

Contemporary Artist Michael Benisty grew up in Antwerp Belgium and has always been a dreamer with a story to tell. His self-taught creative process first began with Photography throughout Europe and New York.

After shooting several editorials for various publications such as Arte, Architectural Digest, and Whitewall Magazine Michael began exploring more in-depth photo-editing techniques. Michael’s discovery leads him to creating Mixed Media Art with messages from his experiences from traveling all over the world. His first Mixed Media Collection was titled ‘if it disturbs you… then it’s art’ and was presented in 2007 at the Xerxes Gallery in London. The collection focused upon Michael’s growing feelings of helplessness of social and political issues while seeing extreme poverty, hunger, and the impacts of environmental concerns.

Over the years Michael has evolved as an Artist and has seen his work transcend while going through this retrospective period. He appreciates all of the experiences and special people he has met along the way that have supported him throughout his career.

View more of Michael’s artwork at his website or at Instagram.


Born in São Miguel Island in the beautiful archipelago of Azores. Web Developer and Designer at Waka WebStudio. Consultant at Hunt Global. Connected with everything visual, in love with photography, design and nature.

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