nosey mungo – Curious Ceramic creatures

nosey mungo – Curious Ceramic creatures

Beautiful and intriguing expressive creatures created by Helen Burgess under the name nosey mungo, a series of ceramic animals of all shapes & sizes from ravenous (my favorite) frogs to surprised bears. Follow more of her work on her website or Instagram.

It all began in the ’80s. As a child, I’d spend my time either engrossed in an art project or outside in search of wildlife. My favorite things on TV were David Attenborough documentaries and everything by Aardman – I was convinced I was going to be the next Nick Park. 

The urge to create has always stayed with me but I ended up following a path in science. I studied Geography with Biology at university and then returned to do a master’s in Biodiversity Surveying. This eventually led to an amazing job at the Sussex Wildlife Trust where I deal with biodiversity data and the geeky side of nature conservation.

In 2010 the onset of fibromyalgia forced me to cut down my hours at work. I needed an alternative focus and clay was the answer. After several pottery classes I was hooked and what started as a hobby quickly turned in to a business when people liked my work enough to want to buy it.

Ten years later, nosey mungo has arrived. As kids, this is what our mum would call us if we were being a bit too inquisitive. Being forever curious about nature though will always give me new creative inspiration.

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