Human Feelings as Drugs – Covid19 update

Human Feelings as Drugs – Covid19 update

As an extension of Valerio Loi 2012’s Human Feelings as Drugs project, who decided to create a new medicine vial, that, given the current circumstances on a global scale, if really existed, would be a godsend for plenty of people.

The new vial, as seen above, has a light blue colored liquid inside, and a label that marks it as “COVID-19 Healing Liquid”. In fact, this medicine represents my very own take on a COVID-19 potential vaccine.

After the global reach and recognition that the 5 original feelings have achieved, the addition of “COVID-19 Healing Liquid” can now convey a renewed message of hope, courage, and oneness.

In order to offer tangible help towards the cause, all the sales of prints and t-shirts at from now until the emergency ceases will benefit a local Italian hospital. 30% of the sales will go to “Santissima Trinità” in Cagliari, Sardinia, in order to help the medical staff and the COVID-19 affected patients.

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