Ceramic Head Sculptures by En Iwamura

Ceramic Head Sculptures by En Iwamura

Beautiful and enormous ceramic head sculptures by Japanese artist En Iwamura using patterns to generate the skin of the organic forms in a biomorphic approach where design elements on naturally occurring patterns or shapes reminiscent of nature and living organisms in an extreme way.

More of his work can be found on his Facebook or Instagram where you can find additional characters and even some making off of the artistic process.

 En Iwamura’s current research investigates how he can influence and alter the experience of viewers who occupy space with his installation artworks. When Iwamura describes the space and scale in his works, he references the Japanese philosophy of Ma. Ma implies meanings of distance, moment, space, relationship, and more. People constantly read and measure different Ma between themselves, and finding the proper or comfortable Ma between people or places can provide a specific relationship at a given moment. Through his work, Iwamura intend to create such an encounter with site-responsive installations, and provide through entering the space, an opportunity for viewers to recognize Ma themselves.

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