Golsa Golchini Artwork

Golsa Golchini Artwork

Merging different techniques, Iranian artist Golsa Golchini creates these amazing aquatic scenes of swimmers who seem to float in the eddies created by the abstract forms of the material resulting in eye-catching and mesmerizing visuals.

Golsa Golchiniborn Tehran, Iran, lives and works as a Visual Artist and Photographer in Milan since 2004. Golsa graduated in 2010 from the Fine Arts Academy of Brera with a specialization in the Department of Visual Arts. Follow more of her artwork on Instagram.

My artworks are my way of communicating with the observer about the things of everyday life that we all have in common. Things we do, the objects we use, the emotions we feel. These actions depicted in my artworks are very simple like the cardboard they are drawn on. My aim is to immerse the observer into the work and make him/her see the world and everyday actions in a different way. Although the artworks are simple, they are usually expressing challenging situations. My work is composed as if it is meant to look understandable but in the same way, they want to tell the most profound stories of all times. Usually, I meet clients that tell me how they see themselves as the protagonists in my work and that for me is a mission accomplished.

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