Passengers by Matthew Grabelsky

Passengers by Matthew Grabelsky

Watching passengers on public transport is fascinating. Whether on the bus or in the metro, we have all found ourselves analyzing these strangers around us and questioning their daily lives…

Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky brings animals to the New York City subway in an entertaining fashion with his hyperrealistic paintings featuring humans with animal heads, including cats, hippos, and rabbits.

With this series, Grabelsky compares New York to a vast jungle by transforming its habitats into hybrid creatures, half-human, half-animal, through surrealist paintings.

I painted my first subway painting in 2010. I was living in Paris and I took a trip back to NYC for a family wedding. I was brainstorming new ideas for paintings and I took a bunch of photos on that trip for reference. I was riding the subway one day and I snapped a photo of a couple sitting across from me. When I went back to Paris, I looked at that photo and the idea to put an animal head on the man popped into my head.

Check more of Matthew’s artworks on his website, Instagram or Facebook.

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