Handsy by Mike Campau

Handsy by Mike Campau

It’s been a while since the propagation of computer tech in the ’80s. Since then, the CGI (computer-generated imagery) has improved as almost all other fields from the IT industries. Presenting Handsy, a CGI exploration of the human form (hands) in a simple graphic way while keeping it sensual with pose and lighting techniques in a work developed by the American digital artist Mike Campau. More of his artwork is available both at his website or Behance.

So, what is it that I do? Well, I’m a digital artist that loves to create images that tell stories. Whether it’s to elevate a brand, support a social cause, or just create art. I use a variety of tools from my past experiences in illustration, graphic design, photography, and CGI. All these tools go into every image that I create, but my main focus these days is combining photography and CGI.

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Born in São Miguel Island in the beautiful archipelago of Azores. Web Developer and Designer at Waka WebStudio. Consultant at Hunt Global. Connected with everything visual, in love with photography, design and nature.

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