Silence II by Claire Droppert

Silence II by Claire Droppert

A very minimal and peaceful series by the Dutch photographer Claire Droppert with the series “Silence” part II. “Silence is the lack of audible sound or presence of sounds of very low intensity. The Silence series are created out of interest in the absence of sound witnessed in different locations around the world. Capturing the feeling invoked by the place, all these places have certain tranquility where remoteness stands out. Just like Silence I, the use of a simplistic style was essential to capture the distinguishing silence. In these series, the mood and tones are set in a way I could lay focus on the characteristics of certain locations, without being distracted by other elements. The images were shot in different locations: The Veluwe and the South-West of the Netherlands, Catalonia in Spain, Iceland and West-Cork in Ireland.”

I’m a Dutch conceptual landscape photographer based in Rotterdam. In my work, I am inspired by the diversity of natural landscapes and desolate and open spaces. I continually strive to incorporate strong visuals by using modern editing techniques and together with my creative blend of solitude and minimalism, in general, it has a very distinguishing feeling of silence.

Check more of her photography work at her official website or Behance.

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