Sand Creatures II by Claire Droppert

Sand Creatures II by Claire Droppert

Introducing Claire Droppert’s “Gravity – Sand Creatures II series” about silhouettes of animals appearing in clumps of thrown Holland beach sand.

She is a photographer and visual content creator based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Her purpose with this series is to highlight natural elements set in nature but unencumbered by the force that keeps them grounded, that’s why she uses the word “Gravity” to name the project.

Even though the artist has labeled each animal in the series, the photographs give the viewer some freedom to determine where the boundaries of their anatomies. To accomplish this impact at her photographs she says that consistently seals and combines both simplicity and minimalism to achieve a serene style with an artistic approach, that’s why her purpose is to create a distinguishing silent feel to her series. “Within my work, I continually strive to incorporate a strong vision by using modern editing techniques”. Her work appears in printed publications including Discovery magazine, Photo digital magazine, HP de Tijd, Algemeen Dagblad and Get inspired magazine.

Follow more of her photography work visit her website or follow her at Instagram.

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