Everyday Life With Giant Cats by Andrey Shcherbak

Everyday Life With Giant Cats by Andrey Shcherbak

Introducing the artwork of Andrey Shcherbak, a Russian artist that devoted an Instagram account (@odnoboko) to our furry friends, cats. Andrey is a creative director of Mediapronet, a Moscow-based advertising agency, he usually poses in each photo, with urban backgrounds and countryside landscapes like a usual photographic but then we realize that a giant cat always makes part of his photos too. With this feline backdrop, the artist often waxes humorously, but sometimes he says something more profound. “I only tend to communicate with other people for two to three hours a week. And the picture with cats (for me) is a certain method of communication, a point of connection between my world and yours,”; this idea cames from his childhood because he had many episodes of his life marked by cats and he got a strategy to communicate trough his pictures.

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