Bolivia’s Powerful Cholitas by Todd Antony

Bolivia’s Powerful Cholitas by Todd Antony

Highlight for the astounding series in Bolivia by Todd Anthony, a photographer from New Zealand now living in London.

He captured a group of women called the Cholitas of Bolivia, recognized by their traditional dress and determined spirit. His captures are so well recognized because they appear to freeze moments in time and for that effect, Cholitas had to mid-twist, turn, jump, and spin. They are activists, “When they have an issue with the state, be it healthcare, schooling, or security, they mobilize and demonstrate. Their fight in the ring becomes a dramatization of that day to day struggle, as they successfully strive ahead in what is an otherwise male-dominated sport.” says Antony, that’s the reason why they are so interesting to photograph.

Besides the personality of Cholitas, the quality of that series comes from the light effects used by the photographer and the contrast of colors of all the environment, starting with the Cholitas clothes and ending with the whole landscape.

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