Tidal Paintings by Kevin Krautgartner

Tidal Paintings by Kevin Krautgartner

Highlight for the amazing aerial captures by German photographer Kevin Krautgartner with the series “Tidal Painting”. “This series documents a moment in time on the sands in a remote bay. When the last vestiges of the retreating tide make their way back into the ocean, small rivers wind their way through the sand, leaving salt encrusted banks. These effects are most pronounced where the tidal range is very high. In this particular bay the range can be as much as 12 meters, the second largest in the world. This leads to these wonderful views, just captured before they’re wiped clean by the new tide, to be recreated in new forms with the next ebb. Early in the morning or late in the day, when the sun is at its lowest, these spectacular views are at their most colorful.” More of his work is also available at Behance.

Kevin Krautgartner was born in Schwelm, Germany. He graduated from University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund with a degree in photography and graphic design. He has since been living in Wuppertal, where he has mainly been working as a professional photographer and image editor. His work has taken him to many different countries around the world and some of his series have received international photography awards. When Kevin Krautgartner is not at work by assignment, he devotes much of his time and passion to his personal photography projects, which will culminate in future books and exhibitions. His photographs are available printed on different undergrounds.

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