Crowded Fields by Pelle Cass

Crowded Fields by Pelle Cass

An impressive ongoing series by Pelle Cass entitled Crowded Fields capturing human sports interaction within a location over time. It’s like a timelapse capture condensed in a single shot. It reminds me that our small planet has already more than 7 billion people living and counting. Even the purpose of the series is focused on the dynamic and combinations of movements and poses, I can’t stop thinking on the visual impact of the crowded world we live in. You can follow his work at his website or follow him at Instagram.

I’m still fascinated by the body in motion and the strangeness of time (although I’m sick of watching college sports!). To make the compositions, I put my camera on a tripod, take up to a thousand pictures, and compile selected figures into a final photograph that is kind of a still time-lapse. I change nothing — not a pixel. I simply select what to keep and what to omit. It all happened precisely as you see it, just not at the same time.

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