Under – Cats Colour

Under – Cats Colour

From a project that started in 2015 and grown up to a brand, “Under – Cats Colour” features a series of gorgeous shots captured from below showcasing beautiful cats and their personality. The full series is available here, and there’s much more to see at their website. You can also follow them at their instagram account.

First of all, there was a project called “Under-Cats”. In 2015 cat photos with a new and unexplored underneath perspective went viral and gained huge fan support throughout the years. Photos on the internet were shared thousands of times and published in numerous magazines. The success has also been approved by a German book publisher that released a book called “Unter-Katzen” (eng. Under-Cats). The success was a great inspiration to keep going and to explore this new way of photography even more. On this day you are able to find stunning photos from underneath of animals such as dogs, rabbits and even horses! It was an especially complex (photoshoot) process (“Under-Horse” project). But not only animals can be found in the “Underlook” gallery. There are also things like bicycles photographed from underneath too. As you might have noticed, the original “Underlook” background color is black. And it does have a good reason. Black lets viewers concentrate on the animal (or a bicycle) without any distractions. But despite that, we did want to experiment with some colors too and that is why we are presenting to you are more colorful and fun photos of “Under-Cats Colour”. Let there be green, orange, yellow, red or blue! Enjoy these cute photos that are also available on prints, backpacks and even clothes with the new “Under-Cats” flamboyant set that can be found at our shop.

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