El Mirage Dry Lake Bed by Kremer Johnson

El Mirage Dry Lake Bed by Kremer Johnson

It feels like Madmax met retro mechanics. A visually beautiful photo series by the LA-based photographer’s duo Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson.

As home to Land Speed Racing for over 60 years, El Mirage Dry Lake Bed plays host to a series of race events every year. Participants drive hot rods, roadsters, belly tankers, lakesters, motorcycles, and even trucks in their quest to set top speed in their class. From the drivers to the event workers, all participants at El Mirage are volunteers, spending up to 6 weekends a season at El Mirage and countless hours fine-tuning their vehicles at their home garages.

The course is 1.3 miles long with an additional 1.3 miles of shut down area after the finish line. It often takes the entire distance of the shutdown area for the cars to finally stop.

Many drivers use El Mirage as a testing ground for Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats, where cars can reach much faster top speeds due to the longer course.

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