Emission Series by JT DiMartile

Emission Series by JT DiMartile

This is the kind of digital artwork that makes me drool and wish i had enought time to play with photoshop on abstract conceptual art. Introducing the Emission Series by the American motion designer JT DiMartile.

“This is a collection of explorations of grid, layout, shape, composition and 3D execution. I started with a simple concept of a circle and a line. These shapes both had a varied level of emission, along with a scattering layer applied on top. After defining the look I began to iterate on the concept. Each iteration I would duplicate the setup, create a new illustration, transition that into a 3D scene, and then recompose the final output. Below is the final result of those explorations. “

Check more of his artwork at Behance and prints of this mind blowing series is also available to order at his store.

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