Victoria Ivanova Black and White Photography

Victoria Ivanova Black and White Photography

Beautiful conceptual black and white photography by the Russian fine-art photographer Victoria Ivanova showcasing imaginary stories by using simple hero objects that can be found in people’s homes. This selecting features a combination of several photo black and white shots from several of her projects. For more of her artwork photography be sure to follow her at Instagram or visit 500px.

A still life photo lets me tell my own story. I think that all photographers can be divided into two groups: hunters and constructors. The first ones love to look around them. They look for good photos, they travel to get wonderful landscapes, go to sport events, take street photos etc. The constructors do not like to search or wait. They prefer to make a story whenever they wish. Of course, I do not think one of these groups is better than the other. No way! Everything depends on the character of the photographer. I do not have enough patience to wait for hours for perfect light or a beautiful cloud above the hill. My impatience made me become a still life photographer.

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