Namibia Aerial Photos by Leah Kennedy

Namibia Aerial Photos by Leah Kennedy

Impressive and beautiful abstract aerial captures from Namibia desert and dunes by the Australian and award-winning photographer Leah Kennedy during some aerial safaris done aboard of a Cessna and also a helicopter with open doors. The end results make you wonder if this is from the same planet you’re living in. “Well, it’s been a busy couple of months and loads of news to share but no time to share it! I really could do with another aerial trip where I can forget everything but the amazing abstract landscapes that can be found from the air.” Check more or Leah’s photography work at her website or follow her at Instagram or Facebook.

My photography is inspired, in part, by my passion for travel and new experiences. I am diverse in photographic genres, specializing across travel, landscape, aerial and more creative/illustrative works. Everywhere I travel, be it local or abroad, I try to find something unusual and unique from the mundane to the dramatic, believing firmly that there is beauty everywhere. Photography for me is a mixture of art, reality and more. A medium to capture the simple, the complex and everything in between. It enables us to see more than we’ve seen before and the more I look, the more I want to see.

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