The River Veins by Tom Hegen

The River Veins by Tom Hegen

From above, German designer and photographer Tom Hegen have captured this beautiful and breathtaking pattern like aerial photos in a series entitled “The River Veins” of melting glaciers in Iceland. “As the glaciers in Iceland melt, ice blue water veins their way across black volcanic sand, creating most peculiar patterns in the landscape. Those scenes have an element of duality – it is hard to tell whether a picture was taken from a macro perspective or from a small airplane around 3000 feet in the air.” Check more of Tom’s work at his website or follow him at Instagram or Facebook.

My name is Tom Hegen, I work as a Photographer and Designer in Munich, Germany. I focus on aerial photography projects that show the impact of human presence on earth. As a photographer, I am interested in the relationship between man and nature. In my aerial photography, I focus on landscapes that have been heavily transformed by human intervention. I am trying to sensitize the viewer for those subjects by taking a look at the extraordinary forces impacting our environment.

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