United States of Purple by Tim Tadder

United States of Purple by Tim Tadder

United States of Purple is the third of an ongoing photo series by Tim Tadder expressing the photographer personal frustration with the current political landscape in the United States (Previous series available at Behance). “I think I am moved to just express myself around the craziness that is happening in our country. I feel like we are living in a tv drama. It is surreal. I want to create something for people to think about. I am worried that some people have stopped paying attention and I want to keep them engaged in the political process. What is your connection to Alopecia and why did you choose to raise awareness for this common disease?”

Nothing to See is an expression of anxiety and frustration of America’s current sociopolitical landscape. It is a statement against the acceptance of ignorance. A statement against the social complicity to the White House. Outside forces are blinding and suffocating our most precious freedoms. We are told by a clown there is nothing to see. We are told truth is “Fake News” and everything is wonderful. We are simultaneously being deprived, violated, and comforted. We are on the verge of nuclear war. Natural disasters related to climate change occur with seasonal frequency, yet political forces are imploding the Environmental Protection Agency. Nothing to See represents the cradling comfort of lies and boldly illustrates assaults on freedom of speech, civil rights, and one another.

The colors are intentional and represent the blue and red of the political landscape. The red states, the blue states, the red white and blue are obviously overt intentionally, as I feel that in order to get through to people it is best to be obvious. Art can be pretentious in its over complex metaphors etc. so at this time where there is so much noise, I think being simple, clean and direct speaks loudest. My favorite it purple because it introduces the idea of meeting in the middle. Both sides are culpable in or country and we need to find the middle so we can get back on course.

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