Phenomenons by Ryo Minemizu

Phenomenons by Ryo Minemizu

“Phenomenons” is the name of the series of underwater shots by the Japanese Ryo Minemizu exploring the diverse beauty and extravagant colors of plankton and is shot amongst the dark waters of the Osezaki sea near Mount Fuji and other coasts around Japan, the Philippines and Maldives.

“Before our eyes that the sea spreading. There is a hangout for creatures that wore a moment temporary figure on the surface of the sea. Creatures called plankton can‘t keep swim by oneself. Although it looks seemingly weak growth has achieved that lives skillfully and firmly. It’s overflowing with devices and surprises beyond imagination, and then learn the meaning of that seems strange figure and the reason of existence, we have realized it’s live with utmost effort. I will tell you about each unknown life. Please inflate your interests and imagination. That world will expand infinitely.” The full “Phenomenons” series is available here and it’s totally worth it! Check additional Ryo’s photography by visiting his website or following his Instagram. Prints are also available to order here.

As a photographer of marine life, I have been taking still photos and videos for pictorial books, children’s educational books, and scientific TV programs for over twenty years. I am an underwater photographer specializing in scientific fields. My work base is near Suruga Bay, which is the deepest bay in Japan on the Pacific coast of central Japan. I have taken numerous photos also in the seas of Ryukyu Islands around Okinawa, US West Coast, Australia and Southeast Asian countries.

The theme of my photography is ”Preciousness of Life”. The diversity of life is immense, but people only see part of it. Even after 20 years of diving and photographing, I am surprised by new discoveries each time I dive. I believe it is my mission to share these discoveries and wonders with as many people as possible. And as an underwater photographer, I take pride in presenting to the audience how dear and precious life is.

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