Fuchun Boat Rooms

Fuchun Boat Rooms

Inspired by the water tribes of the Ming dynasty, the Fuchun Boat Rooms provide a tranquil lakeside stay in rural China. The Fuchun New Century Wonderland Resort decided to install in this romantic region five beautiful wooden boat-rooms, inspired by local design. More precisely, the structures reproduce the shape of traditional fishing boats. The rooms are located in the middle of trees and the two-thirds of the structure floats on water. The project was designed by The Design Institute of Landscape and Architecture China Academy of Art.

This project is a design of a group of boat rooms for the Fuchun New Century Wonderland Resort in Hangzhou. The resort lies on the bank of Fuchun River in Jiande city. Its location is about 5 km to the east of the ancient town of Meicheng. The boat rooms “float” on the west bank of a lake where the resort covers an area of 30 mu. The concept and shape of the “boat room” take its root in a local social custom. For several hundred years between the earlier Ming dynasty and the middle Qing, a water tribe, namely “nine fishing families”, had resided at the riverside and created a unique culture of boat-living life. The five boat rooms recline among the trees and two-thirds of their body floats above the lake, displaying a graceful and quick-witted appearance.

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