Sweet Galaxy by Ruslan Khasanov

At this point people how followed Paranoias over the years should know I’m a huge fan of liquid and particles photography. There’s a lot of impressive series created so far but then things include motion, we must really appreciate the work of Russian Ruslan Khasanov with his “Sweet Galaxy” video.

“It’s been exactly 5 years since I created an experimental video «Pacific Light»(2013), where I first mixed oil, water, and ink together in a bright dance of colors. Since then, I’ve developed my style by experimenting with graphics and adding new ingredients. I used metallic paints in the projects “ODYSSEY” (2015) and “Sweet Dreams”(2016) and worked with neon colors in “NEON 4K”(2016). This project presents selected 4K HDR footage that I created during the year. Especially for this project, Dmitry Evgrafov composed a lovely piece of music.” Follow more of his beautiful work at his website, Instagram or Behance.

Ruslan Khasanov (1987), designer and visual artist. His work is driven by the motto «Beauty is everywhere» which Ruslan express in music videos, typography, and illustrations. The ability to express strong emotions through visual art, experimentation, and improvisation playing a central role in his creative process. At the heart of Ruslan’s work is the desire to show synergy between art, science, and design, that these disciplines are not separate by academism, but can be organized in work with a mutual reinforcement.

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