Bruno Pontiroli Pantings

Bruno Pontiroli Pantings

I used to think that I had twisted and surreal dreams, this was until I saw the artwork by Bruno Pontiroli. If he paints like this I really wonder how his dreams would look like. Introducing the fascinating and at the same time disturbing paintings by Bruno Pontiroli with twisted relations between stretched animal and human anatomy presenting a unique way of seeing reality. Follow more of Bruno’s artwork on Instagram.

Born in 1981, Bruno Pontiroli lives and works in Paris. After studying in Supinfocom, he turned to draw and painting to express his desire for artistic creation. Bruno Pontiroli creates surreal worlds inhabited by fantasy characters: centaurs, mermaids and other creatures which contradict all laws of nature. In his poetic and mysterious painting, we can see the unlikely become a reality. The artist brings to life all our childhood dreams and gives us a new way to see the world. In 2012, he made his first individual exhibition at the Gallery “Le Laboratoire de la Création” in Paris. Since then, his pieces have been exposed in France, Europe and the United States.

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