Pete Norris Digital Art

Pete Norris Digital Art

Bringing a glimpse of what the future could bring us in terms of land and air mobility with the 3D artwork and digital art of the UK based conceptual artist Pete Norris. “After gaining a BA in Automotive Design from Coventry University I went on produce work for clients including Free Radical Design, Nissan, AKQA, Fiat, Shell, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft, 343 and the Creative Assembly/Sega. Spare time I create vehicles, characters, Graffiti, fine art, product design and various other things including 3d printing. The most recent job was designing vehicles for Halo Wars 2.”

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Born in São Miguel Island in the beautiful archipelago of Azores. Web Developer and Designer at Waka WebStudio. Consultant at Hunt Global. Connected with everything visual, in love with photography, design and nature.

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