Chromatics by Marcel Christ

Chromatics by Marcel Christ

Showcasing the beautiful series entitled “Chromatics” by the Amsterdam-based artist and photographer Marcel Christ, one of the most talented artists when capturing the subjects of manipulating water, oil and other liquids into mind-blowing mesmerizing visuals. “This project is a study of the behavior of oil and water. When brought together, the simultaneous forces that attract and repel the pigmented oils help create individual landscapes that are worlds in their right.”

Marcel Christ (1969) is a short film director and still life photographer, based in Amsterdam. Marcel Christ’s approach to still-life photography is truly unique, making his work some of the most recognizable in the industry. Having studied both chemical engineering and photography, Christ blends these two interests to achieve his powerfully dynamic work. And it’s this very background that makes him an unusually dynamic and experimental photographer and filmmaker who likes to explore the boundaries of the special effects and techniques he’s using. His imagery is the outcome of his interest in the unpredictability and surprise of the ingredients he works with but within a meticulously controlled studio environment. He calls it “controlling coincidence” Through this, he finds ways to give life to otherwise inanimate objects and immortalizes singular moments in time. There is nothing ‘still’ in his work. Everything moves, jumps, and flies. Because he’s adept at both filmmaking and photography, clients can be assured of conceptual, visual and creative consistency in both media.

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