“GIKOSH” is a visually impressive collective artwork by the Kenyans Osborne Macharia and Kevo Abbra in what appears to be a mix of photography and deep digital art in what I would describe as a mix of Africa meets Steampunk meets something-else-I-dont-know-how-to-describe. Actually, I got this description from Nacharia website as he describes his photography work as an “artistic repurpose of the post-colonial African narrative thought integration historical elements, present culture and future aspirations of people of colour by using narrative, fantasy and fiction to highlight African identity.”

Camouflaged in one of the many piles of tin trunks in the Jua Kali section of Nairobi’s Gikomba Market, lies an underground bunker thats a workshop to a group of retired post-colonial aeronautic engineers. These craftsmen salvage parts from abandoned airplanes, modifying them into pieces of Furniture Art. The following is the story of the craftsmen, their furniture and the legacy of the brand GIKOSH that lives on up to this day. Little is known about them till now….

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