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The Contradiction of Silence

A combination of steps, sounds and machines that result in an outstanding advertising for the new flooring collection entitled “Silence” [...]

Mar 7, 2014
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The Sound of Taste

This is the kind of video you would like to see in HD and full screen, please, I insist. “The [...]

Jan 14, 2014
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5 Gum Campaign

A visually stunning advertising campaign by the creative production agency Saddington Baynes working together with Energy BBDO creating the visuals [...]

Nov 16, 2013
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TRIBE (Medium)

Fridrih Mushrooms – Found guilty for perfect execution

Back in June we’ve posted a print advertising campaign for Fridrih Mushrooms entitled “Make Every Meal Fancier” by the Croatian [...]

Oct 14, 2013
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Aizone Advertising by Sagmeister & Walsh

Very creative advertising campaign for the Lebanese luxury department store Aizone by Sagmeister & Walsh. “Aizone is a Beirut based [...]

Sep 21, 2013
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Fridrih Mushrooms – Make Every Meal Fancier

“Make Every Meal Fancier” is a simple but beautiful advertising print campaign for Fridrih Mushrooms, created by Imago, a Croatian [...]

Jun 25, 2013
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fotografia de Frederico van Zeller

Rogério Serrasqueiro Advertising Work

Introducing some of the advertising art directing work by the film director and photographer Rogério Serrasqueiro aka Roger, currently working [...]

Mar 29, 2013
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Matteo Pozzi Creative Advertising

Superb and highly creative print advertising artwork by the Italian Art Director Matteo Pozzi based in Milan. For more of [...]

Feb 28, 2013
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La Poste Advertising by Edouard Salier

An amazing advertising directed by Edouard Salier, who we previously featured here at Paranoias with a totally different work, in [...]

Feb 24, 2013
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Nespresso – One Second of Emotions

An amazing advertising for Nespresso by Soleil Noir agency and directed by Maxime Bruneel featuring one of my favorite subjects, [...]

Feb 8, 2013
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Herbaria “Fears”

A horrible clown à la Stephen King’s „IT“, a mass murderer with a chainsaw and death itself – they all [...]

Jan 31, 2013
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MeCre - Mechanical Creatures