Clouds Cast Thousand-Mile Shadows into Space When Viewed Aboard the International Space Station.

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Matt Story Ultrarealistic Paintings.

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Hope is Not Crazy Poster by John Green & Vlogbrothers

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Hi, I’m Julien Croyal and I made this cover for a fanzine called SIC!

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3D Pencils Drawings by Ben Heine. Belgian artist Ben Heine created ‘Pencil vs Camera’, a work that mixes drawing and photography to create some fascinating imagery. He produces 3D pictures using a pencil and a huge blank sheet. Heine brings new dimensions to the flat surface, making landscapes, animals and even himself appear on the paper.

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Kim Keever creates beautiful images of colorful, abstract, often cloud-like forms by dropping pigment into an aquarium tank and photographing the results.

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EarthArt by Bernhard Edmaier. Bernhard Edmaier has done an unbelievable job at capturing the true essence and beauty of many natural landscapes. Strapped in tight in a helicopter, Bernhard transports us to breathtaking areas of the world.

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GoPro HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K

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The Art of Sandwiches : More Than Your Average Sandwich - Submitted by Jeremy & Gabrielle

Here’s the perfect opportunity for you to own a well-designed poster about sandwiches. You’re welcome.

Check out the project on Kickstarter for more info on how to get one or all of these delicious sandwich posters. 

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Paranoias Music Weekend #24
Golden lettering / collection ’13
Canon EOS 60D
Focal Length

Golden lettering / collection ’13

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