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Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado

Jul 21, 2013 by     No Comments    Posted under: Design

Introducing the great artwork by Sarah Rosado, an Illustrator and Photographer from New York. “Sarah Rosado uses dirt as a medium, perfectly molding piles into compelling shapes. Each design seems to play with the fact that the material it’s crafted from comes from the ground, either morphing into plants and animals as natural as the ground itself, or running the opposite way and becoming objects of pure human-made materialism. Her work is so whimsical and clean, the mulch laid is against a pure white in contrast so sharp it’s harmonic.” Don’t forget to check her website for more of her artwork.

Submitted by César Couto

Founder of Paranoias, I was born in São Miguel, the biggest island from the archipelago of the Azores in Portugal. I'm a freelancer in web development and web design and I'm passionate about design, technology and photography. Socially, I'm everywhere, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, but I normally post in Portuguese.

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Paranoias is available for sale, for serious offers please contact me.

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