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Zeal Optics iON HD Camera Goggles

Oct 6, 2012 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Gadgets

After the “Google Glasses Project” I was hoping to see more of this gadgets appearing on the market and they are, unfortunately focused only for the Ski and Winter fans. The iON HD Camera by Zeal Optics is a hi-tech googles with a built-in HD camera that is controlled by glove-ready buttons on the side of the frame. The camera features a 170-degree wide angle camera lens and captures 1080p & 720p HD quality video and shoots 8 megapixel HD photos. It also automatically adjusts for light levels, has infinity focus and an in-goggle viewfinder. The googles are available to buy for about 400$ US dollars.

Submitted by César Couto

Founder of Paranoias, I was born in São Miguel, the biggest island from the archipelago of the Azores in Portugal. I'm a freelancer in web development and web design and I'm passionate about design, technology and photography. Socially, I'm everywhere, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, but I normally post in Portuguese.

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