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Andric Ljubodrag Conceptual Photography

Sep 28, 2012 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Photography

As a photographer wannabe this is one of the styles that I most admire, conceptual photography that suffers post production refining aesthetic for the desired visuals, and Andric Ljubodrag, a self-taught photographer born in Belgrade Yugoslavia, does like anyone else. “Andric infuses his imagery with humor wherever possible, starting with the commonplace and turning it into something unexpected. “A good image should always leave some questions unanswered,” he says. Andric, who does nearly all of his own post-production work, believes shooting from real life is the key to creating compelling photography. He reserves the digital phase for enhancing atmosphere, not assembling the illusion of reality.”

Submitted by César Couto

Founder of Paranoias, I was born in São Miguel, the biggest island from the archipelago of the Azores in Portugal. I'm a freelancer in web development and web design and I'm passionate about design, technology and photography. Socially, I'm everywhere, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, but I normally post in Portuguese.

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