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Sarah Hillebrand Artwork

Jan 25, 2012 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Design

Highlight the the diverse and beautiful work of the young designer and artist Sarah Hillebrand, born in Germany, living in Azores and studying in Coimbra.

“I have a degree in Communication and Multimedia Design (CDM, in Esec – Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra), and momentarily I am attending the final year of Master in Graphic Design at the Arca (EUAC – Escola Universitária das Artes de Coimbra). Graphic Design and Editorial is my specialty, using artistic expression as typography, illustration, photography, photomontage and collage. Dependent on the work, sometimes I even combine many of them for the same purpose. Like many forms of graphic expression there are also thousand ways and techniques of working the material and transport it to paper.

These are decisions that I take as a designer, after an exhaustive analysis of the subject / theme to portray, the public to which the message is addressed and many other factors that contribute to the final result. Personally, I prefer projects that not restrict my freedom of expression in the artistic sense, non-commercial (publicity). Above all, most of my projects are made by manual processes, like hand-drawn typography, illustrations, paintings, etc.; although in some cases

I need to transpose them to digital tools. Of course many of the effects caused by manual processes can be easily imitated by programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator (I quote these because they are the most used personally I also turn to others). However, in my view, the artistic touch is still the traditional processes. Momentarily I’m writing a book about personalities of the island of São Miguel (Azores), although the date of publication still uncertain, but I can already guarantee that the Vintage style and Postmodernist are lining the pages. Resorted to a very wide variety of techniques, mentioned above, so that each page tells a story, which itself is a trip to the referent subject. The combination of image and text in a single subject makes the book more to see it than to read it.”

As usual, you can check her full portfolio at Behance or Deviantart.

Submitted by César Couto

Founder of Paranoias, I was born in São Miguel, the biggest island from the archipelago of the Azores in Portugal. I'm a freelancer in web development and web design and I'm passionate about design, technology and photography. Socially, I'm everywhere, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, but I normally post in Portuguese.

  • Tiff

    I love it! this is very original!


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