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Ana Teresa Fernandez Oil Paintings

Sep 27, 2010 by     121 Comments    Posted under: Design

Mexican-born painter Ana Teresa Fernandez holds a master’s degree in Fine Arts at San Francisco Art Institute and has exhibited internationally in Mexico and South Africa. Her paintings attack the double standard imposed on women, showing them performing menial tasks like laundry and sweeping.

Submitted by César Couto

Founder of Paranoias, I was born in São Miguel, the biggest island from the archipelago of the Azores in Portugal. I'm a freelancer in web development and web design and I'm passionate about design, technology and photography. Socially, I'm everywhere, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, but I normally post in Portuguese.

  • jrplaza

    Wow… That’s all I can say. The painting tells a lot of emotions. It seems a mystic from the side of the beholder. You ( Ana Teresa Fernandez ) makes simple part of life to it’s extravagance of beauty. I never seen a simple action of life took more definition on it. It makes me teary eye. Thanks for showing this to us.

  • Anfinsen65

    You cover your females with shirts, cloth, water. What is the symbolism? Nice work!

  • Donne Roma

    It’s amazing!!! Great work…I can’t choose my favorite, because all of them are just breath taken. Keep the good work!

  • Paula Oakley

    Wonderful paintings!

  • Kyla0305

    how did you do that its so awesome and i like the 5th one from the top

  • Rybracken

    Can I buy a print?  Or a big Jpg?

    • César Couto

      I don’t know if they’re available for sale or print, you can contact the artist directly trough her webpage here:

  • Amy Grindhouse

    Beautiful work! The one covered in white liquid is pretty mesmerizing… and, of course, real-looking.

  • Jaqui Wilson

    Wow this is fabulous x

  • Epittsemail

    This is an oil painting – an OIL PAINTING.

    • rebecca

      My thoughts exactly.

  • vasco machado

    its magic ,im. feel good vibes,send you  a kiss from the Azores ;)

  • Catherine Uffen

    wonderful Paintings! – you should see the underwater photographic work of marjorie hines as a comparison – women fully dressed, underwater, amazing and evocative

  • Katiemay108

    These are amazing I thought they were real!

    • Clodaghmurray1

      OMG same their class!!!! C:

  • Melissaernstb

    I would love to see a video on how you paint these beautiful works of art!

  • Tag_sofia


  • Aabid Surti


  • Laura

    It’s amazing that they are not digital painting, but real oil paintings.

  • Mishell

    Work worth a catherdral ceiling, anywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful detail,…wow !!!!!!!!!!

  • Careermaker9

    You are a great artist !!!

  • Midnightbaby94

    wow just wow these paintings look like photographs, they are that amazing!

  • Catherine Uffen

    Oh Midnightbaby94,   these paintings are so much much better than photographs no matter how superb photos may be.  These are the expressions of a clear mind and a mastery of light and pigment, stroke by stroke.

  • Pentagamus

    How low has art sunk today! Look at Vladimir Dimitrov- The Master, or Clive Barker, or Goya! That is art this is bull crap!

    • Agentjohnnywls

      Can you state your claim as to why? The technique and content is superb. Art is art. There is no good art or bad art. If you were an artist you would know that accepting what comes from others soul is an important aspect of art. Because your too shallow to grasp something does not mean it is “bull crap”. We are all in this together, don’t shun yourself from the whole by stating that someone else sucks. ”
      How simple it is to love, and exhausting it is always to find fault”

      • Darr Sandberg

         “If you were an artist you would know that accepting what comes from others soul is an important aspect of art.”

        I am an artist, and your statement is not accurate.  “what comes from others’ souls” is huge, and includes the ranting of drunks and violence from abusive spouses.

    • Chilosachic7

      You obviously have no eye for art. If you really knew what art is, you would know that art is whatever you create it to be. Just because YOU dont like it, dosent mean its not art. This world is changing everyday. So go ahead and look at all the old stuff  that dosent even matter anymore, while we stand here and accept the changes in our world.

      • Darr Sandberg

         “. If you really knew what art is, you would know that art is whatever you create it to be.”

        That isn’t true either.

        ‘So go ahead and look at all the old stuff  that dosent even matter anymore,”

        This indicates that you don’t know what art is, and don’t see that Ana’s work is very much in the same line as ‘the old stuff that doesn’t matter anymore’.

    • Chrismcglinchey

      like to see some of your artwork!?

    • MeMeMeMe

      I think everyone needs to calm down.  Why cant anyone state their opinion without being slaughtered nowadays?
      I love art, and I wish I could paint as well as this artist does.  But I must say, it is just not my style, I personally would not hang this up in my home.  I think a lot of them are awkward and lack something. Doesn’t mean she is bad.
      Come on people.  Chill the fuck out.

    • flaquita

      really? could you do this? Do you know how hard it is to get that gloss, that form, the colors and the texture and the light to pop out of a piece? These are beautiful. Don’t dis something until you can better it.

  • Tracyg1006


  • LLD

    The art is nicely done. The message is stupid and irrelevant to our time.

    • Thefauxphoenix

      Not really, while we’ve moved past the “50′s housewife” stage I think the message she’s sending is still relevant. We encourage women to wear high heels and makeup even though they’re impractical, but many women conform to be “sexy.” Plus we still have the idea of a breadwinning man in our nation, despite all of the people living their lives contrary. Men still make higher salary in the same working positions.

  • Hsrr12

    beatiful paitings, she is obsed with women legs

  • Chrismcglinchey

    I think your work is very good,and whatever agenda or topic you pursue you will excel in its discilpline and execution, well done xx

  • readingrose1


  • Jena0279

    remarkable paintings

  • Laknowlden13

    these are truly amazing paintings. your work is authentically incredible. i love it!!!!! xoxo

  • Sarah Allen

    Wow…StumbleUpon led me here and I’m so glad it did. You’re work is breathtaking, and I don’t use that word lightly. For reals, it just grabs me and I want to just keep looking at it and thinking about it. So incredible!
    Sarah Allen

    (my creative writing blog)

  • Juliana Fernandes

    O.O one words to describe it: wow!

  • Kiwaniqld


  • shortyprincess

    in a way creepier than a shark but more majestic than a horse 

  • Niharika Garg

    Wish I can paint like you one day :)

  • burnout

     This is awesome! Stumbleupon got me here :D so glad it did :)

  • Aerin

    Just woah. 

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  • victoria blak

    Man… exact figurative is hard! but MODERN CUISM RAWKS MY WORLD!!!!

    • Darr Sandberg

       Tacky, Victoria Blak.

  • Joni1

    Check out paintings by my main man This chick just scratches the surface. CIAO, Joni…

  • Paranoiasnfm

    Incrível!!! :o
    Não há muitas palavras…

  • Leo GH S. Hicks

    so great


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