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Mapping Stereotypes

May 27, 2010 by     16 Comments    Posted under: Design

Excellent work by the Bulgarian graphic designer Yanko Tsvetkov, a quick glance on Mapping Stereotypes, a series of maps and packed with pre-judges representing Europe seen by the French, Italians, Germans or the Bulgarians. Update (18/02/2011) – I’ve updated the image gallery with more maps. You can find the author full World Map series here. Now it’s also included a funny “Europe according to Silvio Berlusconi” version.

Submitted by César Couto

Founder of Paranoias, I was born in São Miguel, the biggest island from the archipelago of the Azores in Portugal. I'm a freelancer in web development and web design and I'm passionate about design, technology and photography. Socially, I'm everywhere, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, but I normally post in Portuguese.

  • Rakel

    ….enaaaa…o país das laranjas?? Achei piada o último mapa…


  • graphic design student

    and the Americas!!???? a suggestion for Costa Rica: SLOTH’S LAND (in every sense of the word)


  • |X-Crap|

    Yeah this was what i got, i also wished there were more country’s included :)

  • Oh.Lawd

    Why oh why did ye make Ireland look so bad?.. we do get offended with any kind of comparison to England yano?! :P

  • Numaga

    America the land of the brave? The land of the cocky ” we think we are the best in everything ” and meanwhile we destroy the planet would fit them wayyyy better.

    • Hrttimmy

      i totaly agree with you

    • qwe

      amen for that fuckin americunt

  • Banderivets!

    Fuck russia and russians!
    You aint Slavic, you’re just a fuckin finno-ugric tribe!

    • Jlxsolutions

      actually russians are far from the finno-urig tribes ukraine would probably come closest

  • Vladimir Krstic

    Just amazing. “Home of Brave”, “Civilized World”, Ahahahahah!

  • Jlxsolutions

    sad part may of theese “parodies” have become reality. but i still laughed my azz off

  • Romania_must_die

    Romania, the land of gypsies. That is really true. I think the president has also some gypsy blood in hes veins.  

    • YOU must die!

      Racysm and poor information.

  • alberto sanchez

    Esto es gracioso amigos…

  • Christy

    always knew smith used code words when he was talking to friends was he also cheating too like i thought,

  • Florin Radulescu

    european union and ignorance must die you piece of s**** long live all the descendants of Rome all latins


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